Sapphire lost Movie Summery Data

Can someone help with this new version of Sapphire, on the previous version everything worked fine, now i have the new version of Sapphire with ATV 3.01 and ATV flash 4.0 things seem to be all over the shop. All movie data had to be reimported into Sapphire again and in the process all movie summaries were lost.

I have used MetaX to put summaries into each MP4 or M4V file but now Sapphire does not display it, if I put an XML file in the same folder the contents are displayed, but not the file on its own. This worked fine prior to upgrading, is anyone else having this problem with Sapphire or know how to resolve it so that my movie summaries are once again displayed in Sapphire.

An update to my last post, Two undesirable changes I have found in the new Sapphire;

1.) If I put an XML file with Actor and other movie data in the same folder as the movie this is the only time that Sapphire will display this information, in previous versions it did this automatically after fetching the movie data.

2.) When browsing movie names, the movie basic Movie Info is also displayed, making the movie poster very small. In previous versions when browsing the full size movie poster would be displayed and if you paused only then the remaining information is displayed which would also resize the movie poster (much more desirable). Is this a bug or the new way of working for Sapphire?

Yes I am having the same problem. I just added some new movies to Sapphire and no summery is added. This needs to be fixed … Any of the mods have an answer yet???

I had a similar problem and found that turning off the Audio and Video information in the settings allowed enough room for the synopsis to show.