Sapphire-like Custom Virtual Directories with ATV Flash Black Media Player?

With ATV Flash Silver, Sapphire had the capability of configuring custom virtual directories (e.g.: “Oscar Winners” or “Kids Movies Under 90 Minutes”). Can the Media Player in ATV Flash Black do this same thing? If so, can you point me at the documentation for how-to?

Coming soon.  :wink:

I have just installed Flash black 2.0 But I can’t see how it’s possible to create Custom Virtual Directories like

  • Bond Collection
  • Criterion Collection
  • Oscar Winners
  • IMDb 250

From mockup i miss:

  • By Director
  • By Actor

Using folder structure is not an option since one movie could belong to more than one virtual directorie

*** BUMP ***

We’ve got a few things like this in the works, but I’ll move this over to the suggestions area for now.

OK, 4 month has gone, any news?