Sapphire Crashes Finder

Sapphire never crashed Finder until updating AppleTV to version 2.4. Under 2.4, whenever I went into Sapphire and backed out to the main menu and selected any other menu item, Finder would crash, and I would lose part of my menu items. Only way to get the items back was to reboot the AppleTV. I’ve since downgraded back to 2.3.1. Under 2.3.1, going in and back out of Sapphire causes Finder to crash, but all of the menu items are still there. It never used to do this under 2.3.1. Finder doesn’t crash on any menu items if I don’t run Sapphire.

What is causing Finder to crash on everything once I’ve entered Sapphire??

i too have this exact same problem.

i am still running the latest version of atv flash though and have found that as said above finder will restart and then some menu items are missing. a solution that works for me is to hold the play/pause button till apple tv suspends then wake the apple tv up and the menu is all up and running.

this is a really annoying bug as in my opinion sapphire is a brilliant application apart from the fact that it crashes every-time that you use it!!!

please please sort this out.

p.s. where abouts do you download an earlier version of atv flash from?

I’m having major crashing issues with Sapphire. Crashes while getting metadata and crashes when trying to watch content.

Is anyone NOT having problems or is this just a non-functioning application? Are there any upgrades available?


Ok I am in with you.
Today for reasons unknown to little old me. my fav application and for the reason i have the atv, sapphire now crashes on launch.
Re-installed the flash and the saphire to make sure this was an application error and crash again.
Sapphire is down.

Its the only thing not working and as it a launch issue where is my problem and why has it just cropped up?

I am having the problem where every time I try to launch a movie, Finder reboots.

Same problem here. After update to 3.6.2 when I quit Sapphire, Finder restarts and my ATV has lost it’s connection to my iTunes library. I need to quit and reopen itunes again to reconnect. I hoped this would have been fixed in the latest release but the problem is still there in 3.6.3. It only happens after using Sapphire and only since 3.6.2. Come on guys lets have some proper support here and get this sorted.

I’m experiencing the same thing in Sapphire. Whenever I try to open a DVD in Sapphire it crashes the finder and the finder restarts. I’m not seeing the problem that others reported on crashing when rebuilding the index or content library, just when I try to open a DVD file. I’m using VIDEO_TS folders, not ISOs, and the files are mounted on an SMB share.

Any help appreciated. I’ve tried both v6.5 of Sapphire and the new v7, too. Same result with both.


Yeah, I am getting crashes too, but I am getting them in both Saphire and nitoTV. It was playing the same movie and it just hangs at some point.

With Saphire I could get back to the menu, but my USB drive had disappeared (where the movie was located) so I had to reboot. When I got back in I played the same movie by browsing the files in nitoTV and after a few minutes it hung again, but was not responsive to the remote so I had to reboot again.

I checked and there were no updates available.

I am not sure if it might be a file format/codec thing, but I have seen this more than once now. The movie has been converted to iPhone format and plays on my iPhone fine…

It sounds like there is definitely a bug lurking in 3.6.3 that is causing some serious issues with Saphire though. Hope it gets solved quick as this is the main reason most people (like me) would want to get ATVFlash in the first place.

Unfortunately Sapphire does not support DVD (Video_TS) files. NitoTV is the only plugin that will currently support them.

If you are having additional trouble, please check the AppleTV software version in Settings > General > About, and we can help troubleshoot further.

Thanks, yes this does work with NitoTV and is on the roadmap for Sapphire.

On the NitoTV option, is there a way to get it configured to do AC3 passthrough from the DVD to get the full 5.1 channels? I thought I saw some posts about this somewhere, but can’t find them again. I’m using an HDMI connection to my amp, but there might have been some post about using an optical audio cable.

The normal install does not do this config as the sound output – you just get two channels as stereo.

Nope. The ATV OS doesn’t allow the DVD playback software to “see” the optical or HDMI link as anything that can handle 5.1.

Is that limitation because of the capabilities of the hardware, or just what apple has done with the OS? i.e. would a Mac Mini have the same limitation?

OS. The mini does not have the same issue.

Does anyone know if Apple is looking into enabling this? Or, if a future ATV OS update could possibly turn this on? Rumors?