Sapphire chrashes my atv need help

Hey guys, i have the newest update on my atv

i just wanted to delete my collection under the sapphire settings. i klicked on it & my atv stucked. i restarted my atv but as soon as i am in the main menu i cannot do anything, my apple remote does not react (it’s not a problem of my remote) …looks like freezing y know?!

any ideas… my problem is i even cannot restore my atv defaults because i don’t even get to that point :frowning:

I had a similar problem. After several attempts I did get far enough to delete then reinstall Sapphire. Before using it again though try deleting collections other than your Movies folder if you can get to it, i.e. if you have an external hard drive DELETE the collections link to it. Make sure Sapphire only see the Movies folder. The Movies folder also has an alias to the External Media folder so you will also see that content.

Otherwise Sapphire essentially interferes with other content on Apple TV.

I had a similar problem. Not sure what ATV OS / version of Sapphire you’re on, but uninstalling ATVFiles helped me.
Have a look at this for a guide to getting Sapphire working on the latest ATV OS

The current beta version of ATVFiles does have a few known conflicts on the AppleTV.

To remove, navigate to the Maintenance → Manage Plugins menu, highlight the ATVFiles item, and press the right arrow (>>) button.