Sapphire and VIDEO_TS

I have all my DVD’s on a Windows Home Server, each located in it’s own folder. Yes I can play them through nitoTV but I would like to have the cover information as well.

I currently convert all my VIDEO_TS DVD’s into itunes format using handbrake then use MetaX to add in meta data. Doesn’t take too long but it does end up duplicating films.

Anyone know if Sapphire plans to support meta data for VIDEO_TS folders ?

The current version of Sapphire does support VIDEO TS.

Does it support meta data with the VIDEO_TS files ?

Yes, Sapphire can fetch metadata and covert art for VIDEO TS file as well as other (avi, mp4, etc) files.

Mmm - I followed the Wiki instructions but it doesn’t seem to want to pick up the movies.

I have the movies stored on a Windows Home Server - I have created a share point for the top folder VIDEOS.

Below this folder I have folders named as the movie titles - see attachement [attachment=1]ScreenHunter_01 Aug. 19 15.21.gif[/attachment]

In Each folder I have the VIDEO_TS folder (plus other files) - see attachment

Is my folde structure the problem ?


A few things you may want to check.

  1. Sapphire is up to date through Maintenance → Manage Plugins.
  2. Are you movies visible through the Media → Collections menu?
  3. Update scrapers (via Media → Settings) and restart AppleTV.

Just checked these things out and still no joy.

If I go into collections I see “/mnt/Scratch/Volumes/Videos”

Select this and I see the Folder names of my movies. If I select one of these it plays the movie okay.

If I then go to IMPORT ALL DATA it imports 0 entries. and there is nothing in the Movies folder.

Hope you can help with this.


Any thoughts on this one ?

Is Sapphire up to date through the Maintenance → Manage Plugins menu?

Yes, its currently version 1.0b8.0.5.1


You could try removing the other non-VIDEO_TS files from the Movie’s folder. This shouldn’t be causing an issue, but it’s worth a try. Try this with one of the movies to see if it makes a difference.

Could not get this to work either.

I have preformed a factory reset and re-installed a fresh version from the USB stick - Picked up the files straight away !!