Sapphire and Jaman problem

Hi, hope some one can help. i must have left auto update on my appletv as when i came home and tried to use it all my menu options had gone and i had the 2.2 version. looking at the forums here i remade a patchstick with the ATVflash files disabled and was able to get it re-installed, but now any time i open sapphire or jaman it crashes and says press play or pause to restart apple tv. Nitrotv/DVD works fine it can see and play my files. any ideas on how to solve this?

thanks in advance

Not that it helps I have the same issue. I believe anything that access Quicktime causes the crash. You can also cause it in NitroTV is you try to force play anything with Quicktime. Most likely is something to be fixed in the next ATV patch.

I Wounder if a developer could verify this?