Sapphire and delete Collection

Hi all, 

I hope you can help me with my problem with sapphire.

After patching my ATV, everythings works fine, I copied my DVD´s on an external harddisk and put it on my ATV.

I collected all datas for this film with sapphire. And everythings works fine. But last week my harddisk crashed. So I buy a new want and copied all films again on the new harddisk. So the new harddisk connect to ATV and then I want that sapphire make a new collection. But this is the problem, the programm shows me the collection from the old harddisk and only fresh up the new films on the new harddisk. When I go to the menu and say delete collection,the atv make an error and that that it want to restart it - So I can only press the start button and the atv restart but the collection is not deleted.

I hope someone can help me with my problem!?!??

Thanks a lot!

You can totally clear the metadata currently in Sapphire by following the steps here: