Sapphire 1.0b7.5 (917)

Hi there, last week, exactly on monday 12/10/09, I actualice my sapphire from 6.5 to the update that was available. this was 1.0b7.5…
when a restart my Atv, all the function work ok but Sapphire 7 is block, all their function make the special CLANCK sound like ERROR and does not import metadata neither show movies or tv shows.
I have erase all information via FTP and restart ATV, also uninstall Sapphire, but it is still Blocked.
Does anyone know whats going on ?
Do I have to wait for another update from Sapphire?
or do I have to reset all my ATV?
Please Help me…

Try reading this:

Most likely, your issue is addressed in 3.a. (Old version of ATVFiles)

Sorry …it’s my first time in this matters but could you be more specific?
I’m on ATV enviroment, I’m a PC owner, so I don’t have Leopard to do this analysis.
my Sapphire functions are Frozen.
Please help me to make a good bug report

I don’t see how I could possibly have been more specific than that.

The only steps that even mention Leopard are split into two cases, one for Leopard, one for the AppleTV. Nothing in the entire document requires Leopard unless you are running Sapphire on Leopard.

If you don’t find yourself using it, ATVFiles can be removed through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu. Highlight the ATVFiles entry, and press the right arrow button. You will be prompted to confirm the removal and restart the AppleTV.

Finally I got the Atv console analysis…here it is so if you could now help me…

2009-10-16 13:12:01.126 Finder [256] +[SapphireFrontRowCompatusingLeopardOrATypeOfTakeTwo]: selector not recognized
2009-10-16 13:12:01.336 Finder [256] Exception: NSInvalidArgumentException
+SapphireFronRowCompat usingLeopardOrATypeOfTakeTwo:selector not recognized
***+SapphireFronRowCompat usingLeopardOrATypeOfTakeTwo:selector not recognized
0x925d4a8f: +[NSObject doesNotRecognizeSelector:] (in Foundation)
0x925279af: -[NSObject (NSForwardinvocation) forward:] (in Foundation)
0x90ac6cc01: _obj_msgForward (in libobjc.A.dylib)
0x0b43a4e8: -[SapphireTheme gem:] (in Sapphire)
0x0b42e523: -[SapphireSettings initWithScene:settingsPath:context:] (in Sapphire)
0x0b42e0d2: -[SapphireApplianceController initWithScene:] (in Sappire)
0x0b4274f1: -[SapphireAppliance applianceControllerWithScene:] (in Sappire)
0x0b42736a: -[SapphireAppliance applianceController] (in Sappire)
0x0b4277d2: -[SapphireAppliance applianceCategories] (in Sappire)
0x962348d8: -[BRApllianceBrowserControl(internal)_updateCategories] (in BackRow)
0x96234711: -[BRApllianceBrowserControl(internal)_updateAppliance] (in BackRow)
0x9622ff7e: -[BRApllianceBrowserControl init] (in BackRow)
0x9642c741: +[BRSingleton sharedInstance] (in BackRowFoundation)
0x0005e921 (in Finder)

please let me know what to do …the explanation has to be in a WAY for DUMMY’s because it’s has being to difficult to find this.
please be reasonable, I’m not English and I’m trying to do my best
Thanks anyway for all your help

An updated version of ATVFiles is available that should cure the issue you are experiencing. This update can be installed through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu. After installing this update your installed version of Sapphire should work as expected.

It says that my ATV is up to date …

Atv is alive and also Sapphire
Really Thanks for all


I have the same issue, what version have the updated ATVFiles? I have ATVFiles 1.2.1 is this the right version?