Saphire stopped showing my files

HelloI have used Saphire, and really liked it.

However it suddnely started to hide files, eg. The Office episode 2 and 4 disapeared. After a short while everything disapeared. When entering the frontrow directory trough saphire it only says “search for new files” without any files showing. The strange thing is that it seems to import metadata.

One more thing: The icon in front of the /Users/frontrow/movies has turned yellow, used to be red…

Thank you for all help


I have the same problem. It started after I tried to load the Eye TV application as explained in the Knowledgebase article.

Since then I have the an addition to the MAIN MENU of Sapphire which shows a green jewel with mnt/scratch/Volumes/LaCie (my external drive)

If I go into this I get a green jewel with < scan for new files> as if I’ve nothing there.

If I try TV shows or Movies from the MAIN MENU I get the same

I’ve tried reinstalling ATV flash but the problem remains the same,

Can anyone help at all?



Funny, I had the exact same thing happen recently. I don’t usually use sapphire - but i installed it the other night and spent a good 2 hours or so having it download all the info/art from imdb etc. all was good. The next day - all my movies are gone. I can still access them from the FILES menu - but not through sapphire - they just don’t exist in there anymore… tried unmounting - remounting the external drive etc but didn’t make any difference.

Sapphire not really for me - so i just factory restored without sapphire and only use the FILES menu now - but I had the same issue too…

Sapphire has different views, and most likely you switched between them without knowing it.

You can alter the view by pressing the left arrow button. There are 3 view settings: All, unplayed and favorites.

I tried switching between the views, but that doesn’t work. From the Sapphire main menu, if I go under /Users/frontrow/Movies, all my files are shown. But, if I go under the Movies menu, it simply says , no matter which view I’m in (yellow or blue gem). In the view with the red gem, all the categories such as IMDB top 250, etc are shown, but they are all . This is getting very frustrating. I’ve deleted ALL the movies and redone them from scratch…nothing. I’ve reinstalled the aTV software…nothing. I don’t really want to do a factory restore and start from scratch if this is just going to keep happening. Any suggestions?

this is exact same problem I am having with the latest version of atvFlash. I bet you if you try to add a tv show it will work… But adding films won’t! I tried factory restore and still the same … Movies say empty and no metadata is added! PLEASE COME UP WITH A SOLUTION FOR US THAT USE SAPPHIRE. PLEASE :roll:

installed it over the weekend, movies (or scan for new files), although the tv shows work

must add that this plugin makes appletv worth buying.

sorry must add that the moviedata.plist file is populated as is the Collection Art/@Movies directory ???

We just found that this is a known issue within Sapphire. The IMDB changed the metadata a few days ago. The author of Sapphire is working on a fix, and should have an updated package available shortly.

awesome, thanks for the update!

Any resolution on this issue? I’m having the same problem as folks above.

Yes, there is a new version of Sapphire that corrects the problem in aTV Flash 3.3.1.

So let me get this clear if I update to the latest version of ATV Flash 3.3.1, Sapphire will not work correctly, or will it install the latest version of Sapphire 1.0b6.4. If not I will wait for a newer version of ATV Flash.

please advise

The latest version of aTV Flash (3.3.1) includes the latest version of Sapphire. Installing the 3.3.1 version will correct any problems you are having.

i have 3.3.1 and have this issue and it removed the files after watching them

same here with 6.5!
any ideas?

i am getting the same issue with the latest atvflash

please advise :confused:

This is something I posted in another topic, it might be the solution for this problem. Even though you will loose all previous metadata, it could fix the problem.

What color is the ‘gem’ at the top of the screen where you would expect your movies to appear.

You may be in a different view. Sapphire has 3 views.

All - Red Gem
Unwatched - Blue Gem
Favorites - Yellow Gem

Pressing the left arrow button will toggle between these 3 views.

@ madcran:

I looked in my library folder and could not see a sub-folder called ‘sapphire’.

any other ideas?