saphire not consistently seeing movies


Maybe a misunderstanding of functionality on my part, however when I add new copy new movies to my atv sapphire doesn’t always see them for metadata grabbing purposes. They are in the /frontrow/Movies folder, however it will skip over them when scanning for cover art. Then out of the blue(or seemingly) a few days later it will see them and present me with cover options to download. I even mark them specifically for content download by pressing the right arrow on the remote and it still skips over them. Any ideas, or am I alone in this?

Thanks for any help…

There is a new version of Sapphire (6.4) released last week that corrects some issues relating to the fetching of metadata. The new version is included in the aTV Flash 3.3 package.

FYI…after some experimenting, altering the file title in some way with your ftp client seems to trigger sapphire to ‘notice’ the file. Not sure if this is a solution that works everytime, or if I am the only one having this problem, but thought I would share what I found. Thanks…

I have a similar issue with Sapphire, I am currently installing the new version of ATV Flash and Sapphire and will let you know if it changes anything.