Sandisk iXpand Base?

I want to purchase some more storage for my iPad Air for when we’re on road trips and other travel. I see that infuse has support for iXpand, but is this just support for the flexible USB stick, or does it also support the portable iXpand Hard drive??

Can it read from the SD card as well?? If that’s the case, I could buy the lower capacity model and supplement it with my SD cards.

Here’s the Link:

Looks like a neat device. :slight_smile:

I just spoke with my contact at SanDisk, and was told the current iXpand SDK included in Infuse will also support the iXpand Base.

I thought this was a portable hard drive with an SD slot, but it looks like it’s a portable SD card lightning port reader with a 6000mah battery. Still works for my needs, since I already have a 256GB SD card, I can just get the cheaper $50 32GB model. I know people have been wanting a compatible SD card reader for infuse, if this works, then here it is.

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Sorry for bringing up this old topic, but I got my hands on an iXpand base. However, I can’t seem to get it to work with infuse. I have formatted the SD card to exFAT too.

Any idea if the base is still supported by the SDK?