SanDisk iXpand and new iPad Pro

Hi all,

Do you know if it’s technically possible to make the previous lightning SanDisk iXpand lightning USB key compatible with the new USB-C iPad Pro?

Maybe with a lightning <=> USB-C adaptor or something similar?

Thank you!

Or maybe this?

AFAIK, SanDisk does not yet have any USB-C devices that are certified to work directly with the new iPad Pros. These will likely come in time, but they have not announced any sort of ETA.

The Lightning version may work when using an adapter.

Hi James,

Thanks for this information.

Sandisk iXPand is a no go with iPad Pro via USB-C.
I tried with an USB-C to USB-A adapter and with an USB-C dongle with USB-A/HDMI/USB-C outputs.
The iPad would only try to use the flash drive for transferring photos, no way to access its files (docs, multimedia, etc.)
FileBrowserPro, which is an iXpand aware app, no longer sees the drive when plugged in to USB-C via an adapter. Still works fine with my iPhone, though.


I guess that the only adapter which might work is a USB-C / Lightning adapter. I also tried with the a USB-C / USB-A adapter but indeed the iPad recognizes it as a normal flash drive.

AFAIK, the MFi Certified aspect of the iXpand only applies to the Lightning side.

To be honest, I’m not sure if a USB-C to Lightning adapter would work, or if they even exist.

I was convinced that there was no such thing as male usb-c to female lightning adapter until a search in AliExpress found:

Will this be the holy grial? It only costs USD 1.25
I live in Argentina so it takes around 2 months to arrive home. Anybody in USA willing to take any chances?

Sorry, I live in France so…

Found this on Amazon, and ordered one. Will try in the next few days once it arrives.

Thank you James!

Wow! I am eager to know the outcome.
There is this official thread in Apple:
Where the lightning to usb c adapter is discussed.
User John Konopka bought the adapter (a different one on eBay) and said:
“I got the converter. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Physically, it is perfect, but the signals are not transmitted.”
Let’s hope the Amazon one works.

The adapter arrived, but no luck getting it to work with the iXpand. :frowning: Not too surprising I guess.

Looks like we’ll need to wait for an official MFi certified iXpand device from SanDisk.

Hi James,
Thanks for the feedback, we’ll have to wait.