Samples in the movie library



I just downloaded ATV Flash and I am very pleased so far.

But I have a few issues:


  1. The movie library seems to be picking up all the movie samples as well?

Eg. in my folder “Gladiator” I have both the .mkv movie file and a .mkv sample file - is there any way to get the library to ignore the sample files? Right now I have like 40 movies titled “Semen, a Love Sample” …


  1. I have also discovered many duplicates of my movies in the library (maybe it’s because of the sample files??)


Any way to fix this?

Thanks in advance. 

Old post but just ran into this myself and thought I’d post the solution.

In most torrents there’s a sample file included. Infuse reads this file as a separate movie and applies the metadata for this movie called “Semen, A love sample” to it. Delete the sample file from the folder and that should get rid of it from your library.