Same scan method in Library or favorite folder

Something that is making me crazy is the way that Infuse scan and detect all the metadata in the library section and in a favorite folder.

The same structure:

NAS: TV Shows / Better Call Saul / Better Call Saul S02 FullBR - DTSHD

I know that I should change the last folder to “Season 02” … but the question is… why the TV Shows is correctly detected with folder image, etc… in the Library Folder but in the TV Shows Favorite folder it can’t detect what TVShow is? instead of force match.

There’s no way to use the same search engine in both folders or better in every folder in future releases?

Infuse uses the same fetching logic in both cases, but the difference is the Library organizes everything on its own, without you having to place things into special folders.

In other words, Infuse will display cover art at all levels (series, season, and episode) no matter how you have your files organized. This allows you to keep some shows on one device, and others stored somewhere else like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Got it James, and is there any way to create a shorcut in the main screen to Movies & Tv Shows from Library in new releases?

In my case and in most of the users… we use Infuse to watch all our movies and tv shows, and If in the library folder it compilates every file or folder and will show them in their respectives places. But my main problem is that for example if I want to see the latest Iron Fist episode… I have to go to Library → TV Shows → All TV Shows → Iron Fist. If we could show both folders (movies & tvshows) from library in the main screen it will reduce the steps you’ve to follow to see the latest film or tvshow. In case you will use Favourite folders… you will have every season from a tvshow showed as a folder…
In my opinion the best way to compilate and match everything is the library but If we could reduce steps or create favorite folders to movies in the main screen or to comedy movies, or latest tv shows… it will be better.
Don’t know if I’m explaining as well… sorry but I’m spanish :smiley:

Yep, you can most definitely create favorites from categories in the Library. For example, you could have a favorite for unwatched TV shows, or one for kids genre movies.

To add a favorite from the Library just long-press on a category. A bit more info on how this works can be found here. Setting Up Your Library – Firecore

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OMG! That’s what I’m looking for. Everyday I learn something new about the app. Thanks so much

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