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Hi. I have a Robocop collection with 4 movies inside. The problem is that the original 80s movie has the same name with the 2013 remake. Although I edit Metadata and choose the correct movie for each file, the artwork changes according to my last choice so the two files always end up with the same artwork although they are different movies. Any way to change this please?

If you follow the recommended file naming here Metadata 101 – Firecore and put the release year after the movie name it should give you the correct metadata and artwork for all of them. Also I notice you have 2013 as the release date and themoviedb where Infuse gets the metadata has it as 2014 so that may be one issue. robocop — The Movie Database (TMDb) If you name the files as follows all should be good.

RoboCop 1987.mkv
RoboCop 2014.mkv

Since you have already matched it you may have do a edit metadata after you change the names to get Infuse to pick up the new info.

Ah great thanks! Will do so :slight_smile:

Edit: I already have the movies named like this, Robocop (for the old version) and Robocop 2014 for the new one. Folder and mkv file alike. And still I have the same problem… Same thing applies for Godzilla the old 90s version and the 2014 one.

While it may work sometimes I ALWAYS add the release year to movies and have little to no problems with multiple releases of the same movie over the years.

Add the 1987 to the older one.

Did that and the problem remains. Although the movie details are the right ones (director, actors, plot etc) the artwork is completely broken and changes according to which movie I am currently viewing for example I have the 2014 poster on the 1987 version atm…

Funny thing is that for Shaft, following your advice, I have no problems and under Shaft collection I get two movies with the same name but totally different info and artwork as it should work for Robocop too

After you change the name you’ll need to long press on each and do the edit metadata then re-select the correct movie from the list. That should force them to reload the correct artwork.

ΟΚ that did the trick, removed the new Robocop from the collection too. Thanks!

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