Same movie name & year! Watch progress

Hello again,

What is the workaround for a movie that has the same name and year of production?

My issue is with the orange progress bar for watching it get updated on both even that I didn’t start watching the other one! And the two movies has their own folder not shared.

I tried to add the month of production to the title, but, without any luck.

Sorry, for my bad English.

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Can you provide the name and year of the movies?

Also how you have their files named?

  1. Ride or Die (2021) — The Movie Database (TMDb) (02/09/2021)
  2. Ride or Die (2021) — The Movie Database (TMDb) (04/15/2021)

Non of them in the same main folder, I thought that will help but, no luck

Thank you in advance

Did you try a manual edit in infuse and select the one you want? This should stick with the filename.

Both showed up for me

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Sheesh, pardon my pre coffee response. After completing the first cup I got the right results too. My bad. Sorry about that. :coffee:

Got rid of that comment. :wink:

Just to try and redeam myself on this, one other thing that looks off is the “posters” and “fanart” should have the movie name as part of the file name like “Ride or Die (2021).jpg” and “Ride or Die-fanart.jpg”


While typing this I think I may have a solution for this with the naming. Will be at the desk in a bit.


But, It’s not recognition issue, it’s the orange watch progress bar it get updated even when the other one not have been watched yet

It’s updating both bars because it thinks it links to the same movie

Okay, here’s how I got it to work as wanted.

First, I changed the file names to this.

This gave me the correct custom artwork for both including different fanart and different posters. This did not produce any textual metadata. Then by doing an Edit on each and selecting the correct movie in the edit they both had their respective textual data.

Then I play a portion of the first one and stopped. The other movie did not show any progress and could be watched at a different time.

If you don’t need to have your custom artwork you can just have this.
Movie only Ride or drive test

and both movies are independent after you do the edit and select the correct movie.

Note the different watch status on both.

Edit to add:
Here are the pre-playback screens for both, note the artwork and fanart (background) are correct as is the synopsis and watch status.

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Thank you for all the suggestion after deleting the day from the movie title name now infuse separate between them

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