Same metadata and preview for all episodes

Hi guys,

a few days ago, the metadata for the Anime Pokemon was changed in Infuse. Before, every episode had a different preview photo and different episode information. Now all episodes have the same preview and same text:

The seasons were recognized correctly:

I haven’t changed anything. I also tried to re download the metadata (by editing the episode in Infuse), but the result is the same.

Same situation here.

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Apparently, that only applies to this show only - I didn’t check all of my tv shows (>80) so far, but my other shows, that I am currently watching are ok.

For me, it’s the opposite - I have this problem on 80% of my shows.

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I will check my other show as well today.
btw, this applies to both of my ATV4K (iCloud Sync).

For those shows that have the same metadata and preview you need to check that show on TVDB and see if they even have the preview and synopsis for each episode.

Don’t forget to make sure that if they do have the synopsis and preview for your shows you verify that it is available in your selected language also.

If they don’t have it you can join TVDB and add it.

You may want to wait until Infuse makes the switch to TMDB for TV shows though since that’s on the plans to happen fairly soon. (Spring/Summer)

What I don’t understand is why a faster transition between the two platforms wasn’t chosen. Maybe that would have avoided having these problems for a long time.

I would guess from my experience that everything was working great with TVDB for a very long time until they (TVDB) recently made major changes to their database, API and website. It’s not just a “change the web address” change for infuse to transition to TMDB, it’s a re-write of tons of code to use a new source and their particular formats.

Add to that a major version release of Infuse on the horizon and it doesn’t make sense to change the existing and then have to add that to the new major version.

I’m sure it will be worth the wait. :wink:

Hi, just checked what you said.
Each episode of Pokemon Season 01 has a different synopsis (in my language). The episodes of season 02 do not have any synopsis in my language.
So Infuse does correctly show different synopsis in season 01 but not season 02 - check!
As you can see in my first screenshot, each episode has the same preview picture (the same preview for all seasons!). I’ve checked TVDB and here every episode has a different preview photo (see example I also have show on my screenshot - S02E26):

How can you explain that? A few days (couple of weeks) ago, every episode had their own preview. I don’t know, why this was changed…

Something is odd with TVDB artwork. This is my only guess.

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After the update to Infuse 7, the issue was not fixed. I then recreated all metadata in the settings and now every episode has its own preview. Probably if I have recreated the metadata before the update, it would also be fixed.

Same here. So it seems the problem was not related to 4/3 or 16/9 pictures of episodes. Anyway, in my opinion, it is a little “strange” that with Apple TV you must scroll down to see the episodes. Last thing: in the Italian translation there is an error: “crew” is translated in “equipaggio”. The right word in Italian is “troupe”.

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