Same description for every episode


I’ve talked about this before as you can see and 7.2 has fixed most of the problems from then. Good Job!
However, there is one thing that I think should be fixed. If a show has a Swedish translation of the show description but not for individual episodes, you get the same show description on every episode. It would be better, I think, if we then could get the individual English description instead.

I tried something like this on TMDB with the tv-show Hacks. I had written a Swedish show description (SD) and an episode description(ED) for episode 1. For all the other episodes I of course then got the SD in Infuse. I then removed my Swedish SD from tmdb and got individual English ED on all episodes. It even removed my Swedish ED from episode 1 which is fine because it sucked but I wanted you to know that it did that in case you didn’t.

Can you see how this is inconvenient? If it’s gonna continue to be like this I have to either remove Swedish show descriptions from shows or write hundreds(thousands) of episode descriptions. I think this is common in other small languages, not having episode descriptions. Would appreciate some kind of answer:)

Thanks for the report.

This is on our radar to investigate.

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