Samba, symlinks, database and tighter integration of 2 systems

Have jailbroklen ATV 2 . 


My goal is to use an external network share for downloads in xbmc add ons


path substitution inb XBMC is not an option as it does not work for add-ons


 I thought perhaps I could mount a Samba share in fstab or equivalent  at /var/mobile  so the the home folder is the samba share??? Does Samba in iOS support mounts in fstab?


Also because I want to use path substitution for add on folders  and share add ons between ATV1 running Crystalbuntu 2 and The ATV2 maybe someone can tell me if I can make a symlink for  /home/atv to pint to /var/mobile, as add opns would be configured for /home/atv as the download path for add ons IF I leave the ATV1 in the mix


lastly can the ATV2 be the database server to  share the xbmc database with other xbmc systems?