samba mounts stopped working with appleTV 2.1.3

Ever since the update to 2.1.3, when i try to mount previously working network shares, i get mount_smbfs missing, cannot mount. Has anyone seen this behavior, or better yet, figured out a solution yet?

To get SMB working again, the Smart Install will need to be re-ran. This will need to be done anytime an Apple update is installed.

To do this, navigate to: nitoTV > Settings > Install Software and select ‘Smart Installer’

When I try to install Smart Installer, I get a An error occured message.
(Very quickly there is a window that appears to read “Downloading 10.4.9 combo”, but it lasts for a mere moment)

Just installed two days ago, atv 3.5 on apple tv 2.1.3.
Would love to get my usb drive mounted soon, as well as smb up and running.


Are you running 3.5 or 3.5.1? 3.5.1 has a few bug fixes with regards to the 2.3.1 Apple TV software.