Samba error when multiple shares are available on the same source

Dear Team,

I’m using Infuse pro 5 and I have a synology with a few shared drives.
If I select 1 folder as “favourite” everything works fine. As soon as I add a second shared drive as favourite, I receive this “an error occurred” every time I try to open any of them.
I removed the app, reinstalled, restarted the device, the result is the same and reproducible.

Any ideas what to do with this?

Thank you in advance,

We have a new SMB implementation in progress which we think will help with some of the issues that have come up, but if you have a chance to send in some logs from your device that may be helpful in the meantime.

Just sent from my appletv, I hope it helps.

When may I expect to have a new SMB solution? I can not alter the samba sharing and it is very annoying to have only 1 folder, if my movies are distributed into 4 folders.
To copy ~12 TB into 1 folder is something I would not do in normal circumstances.