Safari scroll down, then short reboot


Just installed the aTVFlash 3.2, installation worked, very easy, great job, my compliments to the team.

I do though experience a very annoying “bug”:
Whenever I open a website (I wait until it completely loaded), and when I then try to scroll down, the ATV goes into a short reboot, where the apple symbol appears once or twice and then brings me back to start screen menu. I tried multiple different website, all with the same result: Whenever I am scrolling down - reboot!

Any suggestions?


I have same version and same problem…

Just installed the aTV Flash on an ATV 2.0 setup. I have the very same problem.
Are the developers working on a fix for this bug??

Using the same version 3.2 and having the same issue. It also reboots when you click on links on a web page.
Hope they fix this soon. This BUG makes Couch Surfer useless.

What websites are you viewing when the problem occurs?

I was trying to use the following websites: (yeah!)

All websites show the same behaviour when using aTV 3.2:
After clicking “down” (short click and release) the AppleTV shuts down and goes into 4 sec reboot…

Here another observation:

Please check the about section of the Internet plugin. What version is shown there?

it is version 0.4 from 07/21/2008…

Ok that is the correct version. However, you must be running the Apple TV 2.1 software for this version to work correctly. We’ve had issues with 0.4 and the Apple TV 2.0.2 software.

If you are on 2.0.2, and want to stay there, you can use the 0.3 version of the Internet plugin. Email us if you would like this.

How i can find section of the Internet plugin??

The same issue here and a strange behaviour of the “mouse”
Normally there was a mouse cursor at the screen to click on the links, but the mouse cursor is gone!
Now I can’t click on links…