Safari / Flash?

Can Safari on the AppleTV support flash - and be used to watch streaming content? This is the Holy Grail. NFL.COM or HULU.COM would be great. :wink:

Does anyone have any good info on finding the legendary CoreAudioKit.framework from OSX Tiger (Intel)? I’ve scoured the net and even upended my sister’s iBook, but that’s a G4 so no Intel love. PM anyone? TIA!!!



The moderator is posting copyrighted files from Apple here? - Interesting, to say the least…

Sorry, distributing copyrighted files is not allowed here.

Ya, my bad, I’m terribly sorry to the forum for that. I didn’t even think about it. My only intention was to help the people who may not have 10.4 and are only running 10.5 or Windows. There was no malice intended, it was a rookie mistake to say the least. :oops: :frowning: :?

Are you the same moderator from dubious or is it a coincidence ?

I am, but after the site temporarily closed down, I am very careful with putting too much time over there anymore. I will most likely eventually leave there and stay here, it is much more stable here as you can probably tell.

Don’t sweat it madcran. Keep up the good work!