Running movies and music from a regular hard-drive using XBMC and no computer.

Hey guys,

I have been trying to find a way to run movies and music off of a regular (not NAS) hard drive without the need of a computer being on.  I currently have ATV2 with 4.3 jailbreak, and i’m running on the Apple Extreme port router.  I have connected a 1tb Lacie Porsche hard drive to the Apple extreme port and was hoping to be able to just us it to watch my movies and listen to music without the need for a computer.  I have done tonnes of reading in regards to using different tactics with a computer, and the obvious use of a NAS but before i go spend even more money on a NAS I am hoping to just be able to use the current regular hard-drive.  I have both XBMC and Nito TV installed along with Flash Black.  Can anyone confirm a way of making this happen? and if so how.  or worse yet, is buying an NAS the only option.  if it is i’ll just return the atv2 and buy a mac mini and plug that into my tv. That will allow me to do everything also.



on the Airport Extreme : Disks>File Sharing> Activate file sharing with Airport Extreme Password. Guess Access : Read & write. Workgroup : WORKGROUP

On the ATV : Add Source>Zeroconf. You will see the name of your airport (samba). go in that directory then OK. 

In the login field, type your airport express name, for the password your airport extreme password.

That’s how i done it. More questions


Yeah, your router is by definition a NAS with attached storage and sharing enabled.

Thanks for your responses!  I’ll give this a shot.  I’ve been so busy with work that i haven’t had the chance yet.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Yes, if you have any external hard drive attached to your Apple Extreme, your computer can be off and Media player gets it done. Sadly, right now, I can’t use mine with the newest update. 4.4. Jailbreaking problems. Looking forward to getting Firecore back and running whenever the Seasonpass and Ispw problem is solved. When I was running 4.3, Firecore was smooth and Jailbreak was so easy.

Guys it worked!!!  thank you very much.  I finally had a chance this weekend to put it together and got it running.  Now i just need to decide what quality level i need and what format i should save my dvds in. If you have any recommendations let me know.  I’m using handbreak at the moment to rip the dvds. and yes these are my personal movies that i bought.  lol