Running Infuse with Seagate Wireless Pro

Hi - I recently got myself a Seagate Wireless Plus to keep my children from being a pain in the ass whenever driving longer distances.

I ran into problems as all the material I have is mkv files, unsupported by Seagate Media. I soon found that Infuse would enable me to browse the content of my Seagate. However when browsing my seagate none of the MKV files shows up? only the matching .jpeg files (with same name as the mkv).

When browsing from Seagate Media they are visible, but not viewable. Seagate suggest using VLC , Goodplayer or similair.

Is it really so that Infuse cannot comply with my requirements to stream content form my Seagate Wireless Plus, or am I simply doing something wrong ?

Thank you in advance.

I have the same seagate wifi drive and as soon Infuse did an upgrade to 3.2 and issues started to happen . Thier tech support is lacking . I downloaded Nplayer and is better than goodplayer and VLC