Running airmouse at startup

I have been playing with Air Mouse ( ) so i can use my iPhone as mouse/keyboard and I must say it’s pretty good.

Only caveat is that everytime i want to use i need to execute the server piece ( installed as .app on my AppleTV applications folder ). Does anybody know to configure my AppleTV so it automatically runs in on the background at start up???

Thanks a lot!!!


I’ll look into it. AirMouse doesn’t run a startup daemon so it might be tough.

i transferred the .app to the appletv via ftp, and ran the .app from nitotv, but all i get is a black screen with a mouse pointer

Well, you can ssh into your machine using:
ssh frontrow@AppleTV.local
and then use the sudo command to get root privs:
sudo sh
password will be ‘frontrow’

so, now I’m reading the /etc/rc scripts and seeing where it starts up various services. more as I figure it out…

Guide for Mobile Air Mouse is here:

Thanks for posting the guide. However, after installing the server app and the iPhone client, I find the ATV functionality a bit lacking. In fact, I find it entirely lacking. I am able to launch the app from the ATV and I am further able to recognize my ATV from the Air Mouse iPhone app. From here, I’m left with a blank screen on the TV. The Air Mouse ap is unable to navigate away from this screen, whereas the Apple Remote will only permit backing out to nito>Applications from which the Air Mouse app no longer operates.

I have exactly the same problem and I have the latest iPhone OS and latest ATV software.

If the ‘Mobile Air Mouse’ option is enabled in the Maintenance > Settings menu the app itself is running. It can now be used to control applications in the nitoTV > Applications menu such as Firefox and Google Earth.

Note: Mobile Air Mouse is designed as a replacement for a mouse/keyboard, not the AppleTV remote. Menu navigation may come in a future update.

Is it possible to keep Air Mouse enable in the Maitanance>Settings after ATV has been restarted? I have to keep re-enabling it everytime ATV restarted.