RSS, Weather - Internet connection required


Fresh factory, update to 3.0.2, aTV Flash current.  Broadcom (Crystal) and XBMC installed.   Smart installer run.

In XBMC, the RSS feeds do not scroll.  Weather updates the skin (temp shows, etc.) but selecting the weather menu item shows "internet connection required".  Internet works fine, scrapers work fine, add-on install works, but RSS/Weather item do not.

22:21:04 T:52495360 M: 38277120 WARNING: FillBuffer: curl failed with code 28
22:21:04 T:52495360 M: 38277120   ERROR: CFileCurl::CReadState::Open, didn't get any data from stream.
22:21:04 T:52495360 M: 38277120   DEBUG: FileCurl::Close(0xb03d5d70)
22:21:04 T:52495360 M: 38277120   DEBUG: FileCurl::Open(0xb03d5d70)

-bash-2.05b$ curl    - from cmd line returns all the data fine.

22:21:22 T:2684407808 M: 38346752    INFO: CheckIdle - Closing session to (easy=0xbdd2000, multi=0xc934910)

works fine on weather update. but when selecting the item, I don't see it try to grab the weather, just the fail message on the screen.

Any ideas?


Interesting.  Got an email from support asking if I had Hotspot Shield or Tunnelblick installed.  I did not, so I installed each, one at a time.  No difference from the installs.  Went to Maintenance... Settings and enabled the hotspot shield.  RSS works perfectly after and so does weather.

To verify, went back to settings and disabled the hotspot shield.  No RSS, no weather again.

Has to be a reason and I'd like to know what it is.  I have no reason to have the hotspot shield running for it, but if I have to run it to fix something else...  I'd prefer to know why it's broken.

Interesting. Usually the opposite is true (enabling Hotspot Shield will prevent access to some internet features).

What part of the world are you in? Hotspot Shield will provide you with a US IP address, though I don't see any reason why those features would be US only.

Central US (Nashville).   A little more info.  The bug appears with ATV 3.0.2 patched with generic patchstick method, ATV 3.0.2 patched with ATVFlash, and as a test, I loaded Ubuntu (Hardy) and it occurs.   A lot of the chatter I could find pointed it to an IPv6 problem but that does not seem to be the case.  I disabled IPv6 at the kernel level in linux and it still occurs so I think that's the wrong answer.

What I find odd is that while the XBMC log shows that it didn't get any data, the cmdline will using curl, wget or whatever.

Also, seems to be in the startup of XBMC as well because if I kill the HSS service after XBMC is started, it will continue to run fine.