Rowmote, anyone?

Any news about rowmote support through aTV Flash?
There was a topic at the following address but now it’s not available anymore:

I would really like to use this handy app for iPhone with my AppleTV!

The Rowmote conflict has seemingly been isolated. We’re working with the developer to provide an updated version for the AppleTV 2.4 software.

any news?

Unfortunately ever since the release of the 2.4 AppleTV software, Rowmote has been nothing but problematic on the AppleTV. Because of this it is no longer offered through the aTV Flash package. We recommend using Apple’s ‘Remote’ application as this will provide a much more robust and problem free experience.

Check the rowmote webite for more infos.

Check the rowmote webite for more infos.[/quote]

I did, and followed installation guide,
but it doens’t work with atv flash

 I fear that since we heard no news untill now, there's no chance to get rowmote back in our AppleTV via ATVflash. Too bad because it's one of the best remote apps out there...

To install Rowmote on your Apple TV First Gen running ATV Flash on 3.0.2 using OS X, do the following:

  • Download the Rowmote Helper ATV Installer (direct link)

  • You need to remove the stored SSH key on your computer. Otherwise the Installer may fail. Do the Following:

  • Open Terminal from Application/Utilities and enter the following: rm .ssh/known_hosts

  • Exit Terminal

  • Now simply run Rowmote Helper ATV Installer and it should automatically install Rowmote Helper and reboot your Apple TV

  • Should be good to go! I was beating my head against the wall trying to get this to work, until I stumbled upon the Terminal command to clear the SSH key.

  • Have Fun! :wink: