Router recommendation?


I’m new to Infuse and Plex–Just started setting it up last week. But my router is acting flaky–I need to re-boot it 2 or 3 times a day, so I suspect that it’s ready to die. It’s a few years old, anyway.

I’d appreciate any recommendations for a budget router that plays well with Infuse and Plex. I’m running my Plex server son a desktop with Windows 7 and an i7 4.0 gz. TIA

Welcome to the forum!

Define “budget”. :wink:

50, 60 bucks, I guess. What I’ve been using is a Buffalo. It just has to cover a one bedroom apartment as far as Wifi goes. The Apple TV is hard wired via ethernet.

I’ve had great luck with Linksys and the AC1750 is in the ballpark for your budget and has AC capabilities.

You may find better on sale but that is true for about all of them. Sams and Costco usually have pretty good pricing if you have one close.

Thanks for the recommendation–found a refurbished one on Amazon for $40. It’ll be here on Wednesday.