RMVB support?

I’ve been asking for rmvb support since 2013 in your media app and was told it was in the workings. Now we are into 2017 and there is a new infuse app and still no rmvb. Are you guys really working on it or were you just saying that to keep me on the line? If you are still working on it, what is the problem?

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and it is 2018 now. will it ever come?

Whats the status on this?

Wait… rmvb still exists?

I mean… I’ve got a floppy disk drive still in a box somewhere i think - but, I’d be crazy to still want to use it.

I was so amazed to see some evil Real player sh1te being mentioned that a quick search dragged this up from 2006 ( how to burn to vcd… vcd, bwahahaha)

“The only way to watch RMVB files is to use Real Player (which can be classified as “I can’t believe it’s not Spyware” ‘ware) on Windows or Media Player Classic with Real Alternative. I haven’t figured out how to play these on Linux or Mac yet, and I’m not sure if I even want to. I never want to see this shitty format again.”

Actually VLC player supports play RMVB. It’s just that I was told it was in the workings then it went radio silence. I love firecore but this sort of behavior makes me suspicious.

These should be playable in the current version…are they not working for you?