Rips from Blu-Ray

I have ripped some of my Blu-Rays, and re-encoded using Handbrake with the Apple TV 2 settings.

The resultant .m4v files work fine when played on the AppleTV via iTunes, but when using Mediaplayer, I get slightly choppy playback - feels as if the fps are wrong or something.

The same Handbrake settings on a DVD rip work fine through Mediaplayer, and in all instances I am streaming from the same NAS.

Any ideas why this should be the case?


Thank you.



Would you mind sending in a bug report?

Will do. Thank you.


I’ve noticed the same thing.

I gave up trying to get any MKVs to run. I have to rip everything to M4V. I think downsizing them to 720 probably had to be done as well - although I can’t be certain on this last point.

Problem is - that’s exactly what I am doing.  Encoding down to 720 .m4v’s, and they just seem choppy.

I was thinking of trying mkv files so sorry to hear that they haven’t worked either.

Well that’s a little odd then. I have not noticed any playback problems with movies I’ve ripped/converted and downsized.

In the case of larger files that i left at 1080 - I saw some funky behavior but I thought that may be a file size/streaming issue (even though I am not using wireless).

There are a number of playback improvements coming in this week’s version.

Give this a try (once it’s out) and let us know if you continue to have trouble.

Well - I haven’t had any joy using the upgraded software, or trying as an .mkv file.

Interestingly, I tried playing it via XMBC for the first time tonight and that was absolutely fine - really smooth - so it must be a MediaPlayer issue as far as I can see.

I have submitted a bug report so hopefully this will get it sorted.