Ripping my DVDs - NitoTV?

I’m new to this, and have, I think, followed the instructions to rip DVDs using DVD Decrypter to my HP Mediasmart Server where I intend to keep all my movies.

Sadly, most of the rips suffer from stuttering at some point when playing back on NitoTV. The soundtrack remains solid, but the picture starts to lose framerate and I have seen it as bad as 1 frame per 3 seconds on occasion.

My setup is HP Mediasmart Server EX490 with 2GB RAM through a wired connection and a switch to my ATV (Gen 1 160gb) that’s connected to my Sony Bravia through HDMI, srt to 720 resolution as I hear 1080p can be a problem?

I’ve tried ripping DVD to mp4 format, and it does work, but seemingly still not perfect. But the quality isn’t there on my 40" Sony and frankly I got ATV Flash so I wasn’t limited to mp4

As I said, this is using NitoTV, XBMC plays everything perfectly, is NitoTV just not that good?

I have the same problem regardless of  Software used to create the files (I’ve used several Programs on Mac and DVDClone on PC). Result is the same.

Firecore suggested trying different usb cable, I tried several, but that had no effect.

Should it matter put the files on a FAT32 USB disk (since my Mac reads both I thought it would be more convenient). Haven’t yet tried on Mac Formatted HD.


Is there any difference between the dvd player in atvflash vs just doing everything manually without the atvflash software.  I’ve got a lifetime subscription but i bought a second atv1 and wanted to see if i could do it (really bored) - the dvd playback is odd - i get a lag, then a shot of code and then a green screen and then stuttery playback.  I looked on awkward wiki (I think…been on so many sites to get the job done i forgot which exactly i was on) and there was a link to a green screen bug but the link holder had been suspended so there was no info on the fix.

Just curious.

Don’t know what you mean by “just doing everything manually without the atvflash software”

One way or another, you need to decrypt and rip the video to disk. You use decrypting and/or cloning software to do this. It sounds like you did this with the software you used. ATVFlash does not do this.

Step 2 is getting that video to your Apple TV (ATVFlash via Nito  is intended to do THIS job).

Theoretically using a USB Drive and connecting it to your Apple TV should work. In practice, I’ve experienced stuttering (and as mentioned have tried various software ripping programs and formats (ISO, VideoTS etc).So i don’t think thats your issue. If you’re using FAT32 formatted disk It’s possible the drive or some software on the drive is making things worse.  If there’s some magical formula I’d sure like to know it also.

there may also be a way to stream it, haven’t tried that at all.


Sorry, I meant I used the atvusbcreator hack and then installed nitotv from just in case i wanted to sell my extra atv hacked but not from my subscription if that makes sense.  I was more or less wondering if when it is all packaged (if i understand correctly) into avtflash, is it changed at all or is it the same software .  Again sorry if I’m not making sense, my only computer training was on my dads old pc playing with basic or something? : )  Thanks for bearing with me.  Again, I’m just curious : )