RiifTrax series missing on TMDb

This TOTALLY SUCKS! I have HUNDREDS of RiffTrax (RiffTrax - TheTVDB.com) episodes all carefully organized with full metadata from TVDB (hours and hours of painstaking metadata editing) and now they’re moved from “TV SHOWS” to the “OTHER” folder… with no organization at all. C’mon guys… WTF!!!

I’m another long-time Infuse user with an extensive Rifftrax collection, this change has greatly reduced the usability of Infuse for me. Is there any way to set up Infuse so I could pay for a subscription at thetvdb and use that for metadata?

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For Rifftrax it seems that TMDb doesn’t support them:
But you should be able to create your own metadata to go along with it. I would imagine there are utilities that can download it from tvdb.

I’ve always had my own metadata – every episode has it’s own “TV Show” .xml file and .jpg image, fanart.jpg, poster.jpg, season1-poster.jpg etc. and is organized correctly in folders on my media server (i.e. Media\TV Shows\RiffTrax\Season 1, etc.) – doesn’t matter. Infuse 7.1 no longer lists RiffTrax in “TV SHOWS” and has dumped them in no order to the “OTHER” folder with no organization, making it very, very difficult to locate a desired episode.

I hadn’t heard of RiffTrax before, but it looks like these are (mostly) feature films with commentary audio dubbed over them. These are classified as a series on TheTVDB, but in reality it seems like they are more like movies. It looks like a number of them are already listed on TMDb.

I’ve also just posted a sticky thread with some info about cases like this.

James, since my RiffTrax episodes have all been dumped into the “OTHER” folder with no organization with Infuse 7.1 is there a way to force organization in the “OTHER” folder within Infuse? (i.e. edit the existing .xml file for each episode and change the “type” from “TV Show” to “OTHER”)…

You could force them into Movies, which would then allow you to use things like custom genres.

Simply change the Media Type to ‘Movie’.

I’d rather not have them in Movies because I don’t want them listed in alphabetical order, but rather sorted by release date (like episodes from a TV series). Also, I’d like to somehow keep them all together – not scattered throughout my Movies folder… Is it possible to change Media Type to “OTHER” and have them organized as they would be under “TV Show”?

I quite like how thetvdb organizes Rifftrax. They don’t just do feature films but also shorts and live shows, which thetvdb treats as individual seasons. And new episodes show up at the end of the list, rather than randomly in the middle, making it easy to find the newest stuff. The only downside with this approach is that they’ve been doing this long enough that each “season” has hundreds of episodes, making it somewhat tedious to scroll through with interfaces like AppleTV.