Right metadata fetched but wron image (movie)

Hello, I’ve the last version of infuse pro on my Apple TV, but the movie “Black Sea” (2014) has the wrong image.

I looked up into the movie db, and there the image is right, so any advice? How can I solve this problem?

Thank you guys!

Do you currently have the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option enabled in Infuse?

If so, disabling it and using the Edit option to reload metadata for the affected video should resolve what’s going on.

Thank you so much!! It worked like a charm!!

Another question : Infuse order movies alphabetically, but it doesn’t count articles in titles… For example, if I’ve the title “the movie” infuse put that movie under the “M” but I expect to find it under the “T”. There is a way to do that?

Infuse will ignore ‘The’ by design, but you can override this by enabling the ‘Sort by Filename’ option in the Infuse settings menu.

When enabled, Infuse will use the exact filenames to determine a sort order.

?? this is soooo easy!! I’ll do that right now!!

Thank you so much James, you’re great!!

I like for infuse to ignore the word “the” How do I get it to do the same on tv show or movie collections folders? So the flintstones is with the f’s, not the t’s?