Right-Click "Mark as seen" does not work reliably

Hey there,

I’ve been starting to use Infuse for macOS to make managing my collection easier.
Here is a thing that I noticed: Right-Clicking and “Mark as seen” does not alway work as expected.

  • In the Library overview it shows a short overlay and then does not remove the entry from the list.
  • Same for the “Unseen” lists
  • For deleting episodes / entries the removing works immediately

Idk if “Seen/Unseen” is the right terminology, since I use the German version.

Great work so far.

Oh btw: The episodes/movies get marked correctly. Just the display does not update.

This seems like it may be similar to the behavior we have on iOS where the item isn’t removed from the list instantly, just in case you mark something as watched by accident.

Can you check and see if the item is removed after navigating to a different screen and back again?

Yeah, it does. So this might just be something that I expected to work differently.