RGB Homelab cooling :) (My Setup)

Not that long ago I moved my entire ‘homelab’ gear under my stairs, my storage server is in there along with a bunch of other stuff all connecting back to the main router via ethernet and onto the Apple TV’s…

It’s been in desperate need of a cooling solution for a while although actually never really got that hot in there but and I wasnt sure what to do.

Anyway YOLO so I got myself a 130mm hole saw and created and intake and exhaust, both fans are controlled by an aRGB controller and are hooked up to my motherboard so only come on when the storage server wakes (when needing to serve Infuse). Surprisingly my wife wasnt even that mad about it, my 2yo daughter loves the fans as these gen 2 aRGB effects are crazy on these Cooler Master MF140 Halos…luckily her small fingers dont go through the grill and she’ll only get bigger, having said that she is rarely in that part of the house.

I also hooked up some basic environmental monitoring in there which alerts me about temp ranges etc

The cable management in there could do with being a little neater but ultimately its never seen.

PS: The hanging plants are my wife’s attempts to hide cables :smiley:


That TV is waaaaaaaaaaaaay to high on that wall… I would consider lowing that quite a bit until its practically sitting on the cabinet.


The image makes it look a little higher than it actually is, it isn’t uncomfortable to watch and our sofa is ginormous and when sitting back you are looking directly at it. Sitting it on the cabinet you would actually be looking down at the bottom edge. Trust me, I could share a picture of this sofa, its mental :slight_smile:

Having said that it’s not ‘ideal’ by most peoples definition and kinda a mistake because the original TV’s VESA mount was higher on the back of the TV and it was a much smaller tele. This one went up and the VESA mount is at the bottom so it shunts the entire thing much higher up. I didnt have time to move the mount down then but im replacing this TV soon with a 65 so will mostly likely address it then.