Rewind with Apple remote

Hello guys…

every time I’m watching a film with aTV and hit the back button on the apple remote or hold down to rewind… the Apple TV crashes and re-starts… Any one else have this problem?

Re_ the New 3.5 version… it seems a bit buggy!! Some issue with slow response with the Apple Remote control… and some overlapping audio while watching films through aTV.

any feedback greatly appreciated… Cheers

Where are you finding these problems? NitoTV, Sapphire, Boxee, etc.? If it is in NitoTV, then in the Settings of NitoTV change the video player from MPlayer to Quicktime and see if that changes things.

I had this too. I just upgraded to 3.5 - for 3.2 the other night. After the 3.5 upgrade was completed - everything was great. My external HDD was still available - and all of the editing of the OS files I had done to remove unwanted menu items remained just as they were. Perfect!

So - start watching a cartoon with my daughter - and she wanted me to rewind a funny part - which we always do - and boom - black screen and the Apple TV restarts.

I use ATVFiles for all movie watching - i never use Nito at all and did not try it to see if it would work.

So - we go back to the cartoon - and manually get back to the spot by FF - and then she wants me to rewind. boom. machine restarts again.

Now - that was a few days ago - and i don’t remember the cartoon - but I have since been able to rewind my movies and it has been fine.

If it comes up again - i will try Nito to see if that makes a difference.

I am getting lots of reboots now in ATVFiles when I try to rewind movies. I can SKIP backwards - but trying to rewind backwards resets the whole machine… Happening with all divx files I have.

still haven’t bothered trying Nito yet…