reversing OS of Apple TV?

Hi, I wonder is somebody can give me a definitive answer on this - as looking around the forum I’m getting mixed answers?

I have a 2nd Gen Black Apple TV on v6.0 OS and want to jailbreak it to run aTV flash.  Is it possible to revert the apple tv OS back to ver5.3 which I read is what i require to jailbreak.  If this is possible how do I do it?!

I tried to do it and followed the instructions as directed in the support area and downloaded seasOnPass (and only had the left option available when opening the software - as it said the right ‘tethering option’ was unavailable.  Sorry cant remember button/icon names as i’m not sat infront of my apple mac now).  The software could not ‘find the apple tv’ whether i plugged it in via usb before or after starting seasonpass or when prompted by the software?

Can somebody answer is this possible or do i have to wait for a different jailbreak in the future?

The latest SeasonPass can definitely jailbreak ATV2 to 5.3.

Your description of what happens makes it sound as if you have an ATV3 (for which there is currently no jailbreak). An easy way to tell is if it is capable of 1080p video - if so it is an ATV3 as the ATV2 is limited to 720p video.

Thanks for your help but I’m sure it’s AppleTV2? On the ‘about’ of the appletv it says;
Model MC572B/A,
Resolution 720p HD 60Hz,
software ver; 6.0 (6646.65)

So am I right in thinking this is ver2 atv? If so, any suggestions why I can’t reverse the v6 atv back to 5.3? I did try it on a mac running snow leopard - does it need to be a lion, mountain lion or mavericks or doesn’t it matter?

So can anybody confirm that I have a 2nd Gen AppleTV please?  Any suggestions as to why I’m having this issue of not letting me jailbreak it? Is their minimum Mac OS requirements -  I was trying to do it on a mac with snow leoppard installed?

To find out if you have an atv2

Go into Settings/General/About

If you see 720 in the TV Resolution you have an atv2

If you see 1080 in the TV Resolution you have an atv3