Returning after years

I used Infuse back on my first gen Apple TV. Haven’t used it since. But I broke down and reinstalled – mostly due to Plex’s bloat.

A few things I’ve noticed (I have a decent sized library and I share a few other libraries with friends):

Infuse still seems to be indexing even days after I installed (the busy circle in the upper right?). How long does it take?

I installed Infuse on my MacMini and Iphone and even though they’re on the same network and using the same icloud the mac and phone aren’t adding anything to library. Do I have to wait for this amazingly long index to finish?

One thing I immediately miss from Plex is a watchlist… that includes things not yet on my servers. I would love the ability to just add ANY shows and movies and have them all on a universal watchlist.

The rest is great. Rock solid playback. Trailers seems to work well (what’s the source of them? Youtube?)

Another thing I’ve noticed, when I want to shuttle through a show or movie, when I hit ff it jumps a huge amount. Is there a way to shorten the jump or am I doing it wrong?

Go to settings and turn off chapter control.

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