Return Watched/Unwatched Button to original location On ATV

Why did you move the watched and unwatched and stick trailers in it’s place. I’ll be polite and not tell you where to stick the Trailers, but where you chose is not the proper place.
Any chance of changing it back? Trailers should not be a main option as everyone is not going to use it.


I agree with this. I looks as though done to showcase a new feature, not to improve the UI. The function we’ll use a lot has been reduced to a small button, the one we’ll almost never use is front and center.


Moved and agree.


Yes please, move it back. I’ll never use Trailers, and insult to injury is that the only time I accidentally hit that Trailer button by muscle memory, it wasn’t even available for the content. Also, moving the Watched button two “slots” away from the episodes makes it twice as onerous to mark more than one as watched.


Agreed that the button is not in the right place. Having to push up twice and lose sight of the current episode that you’re marking watched/unwatched is unintuitive. The old placement was also unintuitive except it required only a single up press which was better.

The addition of a long press on the episode itself to bring up a watched/unwatched option would make the most sense here.



bad place on ATV!

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Yep it’s a double whammy.

The trailer button can’t be turned off, meanwhile it’s made accessing the features I use daily less accessible.