Resuming downloads fail from library view

If I try to download a file from the Library tab and then Infuse quits or is paused by iOS, when it tries to resume the download it mostly fails. Trying to retry this failed download then always fails and I have to remove the download and start again.

However, if I browse to the same file via the share in the “files” tab (not the library view) and start to download the file, it will always resume successfully and pick up where it left off. I have tested this with WebDAV, SMB & FTP and all share types have the same problem. So selecting and downloading a file from the library will mostly not be resumable, but selecting the file from the “files” view will always resume successfully.

For remote access to my NAS at home, this is a really annoying bug as it means I can’t really use the much faster library view at all to select and download files. Instead I have to browse via the “files” view which is much slower as it needs to connect and list all the files every time.

You can reproduce this fairly easily by starting a download via the library and then swiping to close the infuse application. On restart of infuse, the download will have failed and not be resumable.


Hmm, that sounds like an interesting issue.

If you wouldn’t mind, could you replicate this issue and then send in a report from your device? This would allow us to take a deeper look at what may be causing this.

More info on sending in reports can be found here.

Just to update… I did send a report from the iPad a month ago. But I sent it from my mother’s iPad so it will have had a different email address.

Have you been able to reproduce it yet? This issue has always been present in the year or so I’ve been using it.

Actually, I’ve just tried it with 5.9.5 and now it seems to be resuming downloads properly… Yay! I’ll test it some more and let you know if it’s still failing.

Great to hear!

Let us know if any more issues come up.

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