Resume Watching Improvements

I’m an Accidental Tech Podcast listener & John Siracusa one of the hosts has written a blog post titled Streaming App Sentiments where he identifies at the beginning of the second paragraph the main frustration that I unfortunately also have with Infuse:

“The number one complaint, by far, was that streaming apps make it too difficult to resume watching whatever you were already watching.”

It is the most important function for me to be able to continue where I left of and quickly and easily have an overview of all the shows & movies that I have started watching. The current implementation n of Watching is too limited because it only shows the most recent 15. It’s maybe just a power user problem and hence not a high priority to fix but as such it is very frustrating because my family keeps loosing track of what we have started to watch and having to look over hundreds of shows & thousands of movies is too frustrating to deal with.

So far the only workaround I have found is to use the app or third-party apps that can pull my data from Trakt. Again, I don’t think that’s a good solution for me and it is a useless one for everyone else in my family as it is too much for them to have Infuse as a dumb player while looking for shows to continue watching on the phone through another app.

Could we simple have the option to display an infinite watching history like on Plex? Or maybe being able to sort/filter within All TV Shows to be able to use it as such? I desperately hope for a solution and I’m curious how you all are dealing with this.

for me usually won’t start a new series until finish the current one, so it is still ok even you have a family of 5.
technically this issue can be easily fulfilled, but I do not think it is a high demand.

@dadadown you are on the opposite end of the spectrum :slight_smile:

I like a nice mix depending on my mood and the crowed that’s over watching with us. A handful of comedy shows, a few documentary series, a ton of drama shows, and the weekly stuff like Last Week Tonight/The Circus…