Resume playback option

Hi, scrub preview is really great. What is the meaning of Resume playback option? Whats the difference to the existing resume playback, when you bring up a video again? Thx, Gregor.

In 5.8, there is a new setting which allows you to adjust how this works.

The options are On, Off, Ask.

On = always resume without asking
Off = always start from the beginning
Ask = ask what to do

where in settings this option is…I cannot find on ATV

got it, ignore it

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This is found in Infuse > Settings > Playback > Resume Playback.

See attached.

Thanks James. Your help is always appreciated. :slight_smile:

Nice! I’d missed this new feature!

Hi James. Would it be possible to have a timeout period (say 5 seconds) when the “ASK” option is enabled? If the timeout period is reached without user selection then just play from the start of the video.

The resume feature is very handy for me, but not for when putting some short kid TV episodes on for children. Infuse just sits there waiting for a selection when it comes across an episode of something that they didn’t complete watching and they’re not quite old enough to know what to press on the remote yet.

Why not just turn the “resume playback” option off (as discussed in this thread as a new feature)…then the kids aren’t making any decisions as to whether resume or not.


Yeah, I’ve turned it off for now, but as I mentioned, the feature is quite handy for us adults when trying to remember where we were up to in a movie or TV episode. My previous media player had the timeout feature with resuming of playback, so I don’t think it would be something terribly hard for Firecore to implement at some stage.

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