Resume playback of mp4 from Plex

Should I expect playback to resume on a mp4 streamed from Plex ?

I start playback, hit done or leave the app for a while. Go back in and it starts from the beginning.

I have ‘Resume Playback’ set as ON.


What button or control are you using for “Done”.

How are you “leaving” the app? Quitting, force quitting, long pressing the home button, etc?

A mp4 should resume just like the other video containers.

Do MKVs resume when you do the same as mp4s?

Sorry probably should have given more info :grinning:

Using iPadOS - the Done button is top left.

I just leave the app by Command H on a Magic Keyboard, don’t force quit.

Will find a MKV and try it.

Doesn’t really have to be just a MKV, just do any other containers work differently than the mp4 for resume? avi, mov, etc.