Resume playback of an almost finished video

I found this to be an issue too. My video had about 4 minutes remaining, I paused it, and could not resume. I understand the thinking behind this, however it would be better if it could be turned off, or the threshold was closer to the end of the video.

Come on team. Please either remove this behaviour or allow us to toggle/configure it. The longer the video you are watching, the worse the situation is.

I don’t like to have to keep bumping this, but having watched longer content quite a bit lately, this is more annoying than ever.

I appreciate that many users may find this functionality useful but please allow us to toggle it for those who have no use for or, even worse, dislike it.

This is on our radar to improve in an upcoming version. Probably after the 5.6 update is out.

Stay tuned. :wink:

And please add an option to COMPLETELY disable the Resume :wink:
Some users don’t like the Auto-Resume, it’s sometimes really annoying…

Playback auto resumes only if it was playing when you left the app. This is discussed separately in this thread: Stop immediate playback when going back into the app

I mean the tvOS Infuse App :wink:
I need an option to disable Auto-Resume completely:

Look here: (Page 5)

Wrong forum section, this is for iOS on iPhone and iPad :wink:

What is the plan to improve this situation? It still causes issues whereby I have to always remember the last playing position in case I have to stop watching a video right at its end. Why can we not configure to only do this in the last X seconds/minutes?

Yes this is very annoying. I have many TV episodes encoded into single mp4 files that are 30 to 60 hours long. When I pause at the last several episodes, Infuse considers it is watched. Plex does the same. Apple’s TV app doesn’t do it.

One suggestion would be to apply the 90-95% threshold but only if it is at the last chapter.

But I actually prefer having a setting where I can set the threshold manually. I would set it to 100% (disable), though.

James, quite a few people have voted in favour of changing the current behaviour. What is it going to take?

Moving to suggestions. :slight_smile:

Sorry James, but I do not agree that it should be moved to suggestions. The current behaviour is unfairly biased to content that has credits. However, not all content out there has credits, so it should be up to individual users to determine whether most their content has credits and thus warrants this feature or if it is unwanted. To that end, it should be a toggle or a variable.

Has this been fixed? As someone who watches long tutorials and longer D&D videos (4+ hours), having to keep notes on where I left off because the software assumes the video is done is a pretty big drawback. Even as an Infuse Pro subscriber I can’t see an option to toggle this on and off.

I’ll echo other people who find this feature annoying and are baffled why we can’t have an option to disable it. I watch tutorial videos with no credits and find it incredibly annoying that I have to keep reloading the last 10 minutes of a 3 or 4 hour tutorial video because the app assumed I was done simply because I paused the video to do something else. I guess since the developers don’t seem to care to add a simple on/off switch in the settings after 7 years of requests, the only solution is to end my subscription and use a different video player.

Hi all, there are some movies that I watch that I sometimes pause at the very end because something comes up, but when I go to resume it, the video becomes finished and I lose the place from where I was watching. This is no big deal because I can go to the end and find it again, but I find that this is happening alot. I can’t seem to find any setting to turn this feature off, any help please?

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Infuse will mark a video “Watched” at a certain percentage of completion since the majority of users don’t watch the end credits and currently there is no setting to disable this. Sorry :smile:

I’ve moved your post to the suggestions forum in a thread already running that is requesting the same feature as you. Don’t forget to click the like button in the first post :wink:

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James, this has been requested for over 7 years. What’s taking so long for this to be implemented? Give people a choice to make this work the way they wish. Keep the current behaviour the default, but allow a toggle to disable it (or configure X minutes before end of a file marks it watched). Thank you.

Seconded. My personal preference is Jellyfin’s approach, which is allowing users to customize the minimum and maximum percentages for resume:

Hopefully Infuse would consider implementing this feature.