Resume playback of an almost finished video


When I have to pause playback on a video close to its end, when I try to resume playback later Infuse starts at the beginning and I have to look for the moment I’ve pause playback manually…

Any chance this could be fixed in a future release ?



Infuse should always resume where you left off. What type of video is this happening with? Are you jailbroken by chance?

This happens to me on a non jailbroken iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1.4 when playing MP4 files (resolution is roughly 720*400).

I can reproduce the issue very easily :

  1. Put the slider at less than 1 minute (for example) of the end of the video.
  2. Press Ok to go back to video “card”
  3. Press play
  4. The video starts from the beginning.


I get the same thing, easily reproduced too.

I like this behaviour. It means I do not have to watch through the credits to consider a item successfully played to completion.

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Ok, this is actually done by design. I believe the threshold is 90 or 95% complete, and Infuse will consider that video ‘watched’ and start from the beginning the next time it’s played.

Forgive me if this sounds snarky, but are there many times where you stop a video within a few minutes of the end and want to resume it later?

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Yes it happens frequently since I’m watching episodes (20 to 45 minutes mostly) when I commute everyday.
I take one bus and two subways and I have to pause playback between each, I have no way of controlling when this happens :frowning:

I understand that those who watch only movies at home are not annoyed by this feature but for TV shows and commuting it really sucks since it is really tricky to put the video back where it was with the slider (absolutely not user friendly !)

Isn’t it possible to make an option to disable the feature ?

Perhaps a better way to handle this would be to allow the user to alter the % of file that is played to be considered complete.

This is really annoying when watching content that does not have credits – which I do a lot: news, sports stuff, etc – and using a percentage means that the longer the program the bigger is the “mark it as watched even though you actually hadn’t” chunk at the end. Tricky to strike a balance between those who don’t want to watch (or fast forward through) credits and those who watch content that does not have them.

This keeps being really annoying. As stated already, a lot of content I watch does not have credits – or they are cut, because I may have grabbed a video off YouTube to watch offline or something – so starting playback from the beginning is bad. Not everyone watches a movie or a TV show and we shouldn’t have to work out just when is the point of no return. Please add a toggle for this so those who do not benefit from this functionality can avoid being negatively affected. Thank you.

Is it difficult to change this behaviour? It would be nice to know, because it is something that irks me at least weekly and often more frequently than that.

I found this to be an issue too. My video had about 4 minutes remaining, I paused it, and could not resume. I understand the thinking behind this, however it would be better if it could be turned off, or the threshold was closer to the end of the video.

Come on team. Please either remove this behaviour or allow us to toggle/configure it. The longer the video you are watching, the worse the situation is.

I don’t like to have to keep bumping this, but having watched longer content quite a bit lately, this is more annoying than ever.

I appreciate that many users may find this functionality useful but please allow us to toggle it for those who have no use for or, even worse, dislike it.

This is on our radar to improve in an upcoming version. Probably after the 5.6 update is out.

Stay tuned. :wink:

And please add an option to COMPLETELY disable the Resume :wink:
Some users don’t like the Auto-Resume, it’s sometimes really annoying…

Playback auto resumes only if it was playing when you left the app. This is discussed separately in this thread: Stop immediate playback when going back into the app

I mean the tvOS Infuse App :wink:
I need an option to disable Auto-Resume completely:

Look here: (Page 5)

Wrong forum section, this is for iOS on iPhone and iPad :wink:

What is the plan to improve this situation? It still causes issues whereby I have to always remember the last playing position in case I have to stop watching a video right at its end. Why can we not configure to only do this in the last X seconds/minutes?