Resume option for audiobook files

I sometimes use my ATV to listen to audio books which i have in mp3 format. The big problem is that if I stop and then come back the position I was at is not remembered. As an audiobook is typically around 8+ hours of listening itis extremely unlikely one would listen to the whole book in one session. The facilities for positioning oneself within an audio file do not work that well so getting back to the position at which you left off is difficult.

Would it be possible to remember the position in the same way as is done with video files and an option to resume offered? Ideally this should be possible at the level of a folder or playlist as an audiobook can consist of multiple files, but even for the current file would be nice. I would think it should best be handled at the folder level. An audiobook nearly always consists of multiple files held in a folder so this seems the obvious level to handle it at from a UI perspective.

NOTE: I think this would also be a good feature to include in the InFuse player.