"Resume" not working on 2nd device

I’ve had Infuse on the ATV4K device now for a while but I ran into a problem last night for the first time. I was watching a show on Infuse on the ATV4K on one room and decided to go to the bedroom to finish the show. I assumed that it would just resume the show from the point I left off in the first room. Instead it started the show at the beginning again. Why didn’t it resume from where I left off like it would have done when watching all other content on the ATV4K? Is there a setting on Infuse that I’m missing for this feature?

You need to setup a Trakt account and connect Infuse to that for this feature.

As Tim said. Here’s a bit more info iCloud & Trakt Syncing – Firecore

Thanks NC Bullseye & timstephens24, I was hoping I wouldn’t have yet another account where I have to remember a user id and password. It seems once you setup your account, they want to know a lot about you as well. For me, it comes to privacy issues and too many sites knowing too much about a person. I was able to skip most of the questions so that’s good. It seems that all I need is a tract account but I don’t need to set up iCloud for the “Resume” function to work, right?

Nope, it’s all handled with Trakt.