Restrictions, how are they supposed to work?

I set up Infuse and turned on restrictions and only selected PG for my movies. I then restarted the app but nothing has changed, I can still see all my content without any censorship. What am I doing wrong?

All my content is on an SMB share and all metadata is up to date.


There are 2 options for using restrictions.

  1. Lock app - this will require a PIN code to open the app.
  2. Enable ‘Allowed Movie Ratings’ or ‘Allowed TV Show Ratings’ - these will dictate which videos can be played. Items with ratings not selected in either list will require a PIN code in order to play.

There not currently a way to prevent certain items or ratings from being visible in the Library.

Thank you, I get it now, I was expecting it to just show what is suitable to watch.

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