Restrict access to certain movies /series

I use Infuse on the ATV4 and Ipad and have the kids movies and series in one folder and the adult stuff in a few other folders.
I control what the kids watch and when but as they are getting older I wondered if there was a way to restrict their access with a passcode to the other folders or specific files with movies that would be inappropriate for their age within infuse itself. I know I can set a passcode to the entire library on the iOS app but not on TVOS, I know also I can restrict access to specific apps in TVOS itself with Apples parental controls. but I would like to give them control of their own movies as they get older.

Any advice or suggestions


This is something we’re looking into for a future version. :slight_smile:

+1 yeah I would love this feature too! Thanks James for giving me hope that we will see this soon!